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We had our first big storm of the season this afternoon. I was smart enough (ha!) to decide to go check the hanging flower pots when I noticed it was really windy, so I grabbed my keys, locked the door and stepped outside. Right into blowing rain, hail and thunder. Yes, the second I got out the door the rain gods decided to let ‘er rip. By the time I ran around the corner of the house, I looked like a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest. lol But the plants looked okay where they were and I wasn’t about to venture into the mud to try and take them down. Since it was coming down so hard I ended up staying around the side of the house till the hail stopped pounding against me (which needless to say, getting pelted by dime sized hail, OUCH) and I could race for the door to let myself in. I guess I’d missed the funnel cloud overhead since there were tornado warnings for the west of us on the radio when I came in. And I guess one was or had touched down around 4pm. Eeks. Looks like storm season has officially begun.

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