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Yadda Yadda Yadda…

I’m stalling on chapter two of STTA a little, have the *gasp* sex scene (or lead up anyways) out to two readers to look it over and see what they think. So far one says its hot and did a few corrections to it…mostly commas, word choice. I might leave it the way it is though since its still in my voice…have to see…

Other than that, spent my Friday night at the worlds longest hockey game.
Hit the link and take a look…its really something. 40 guys playing 240 hours of hockey to raise money for the cross cancer institute. And Brent’s playing injured (he mangled his finger at 4 am early Friday morning in the zamboni, had emergency surgery and came back to play at noon.) So these guys are really determined.

A friend of ours is playing so we went out to watch him for awhile. It wasn’t too bad, just a damp cold but it needs to be WAY colder because its causing some problems with the ice conditions. One of the red lines is pretty well gone. So definitely causing the guys some headaches.

Probably heading back out to the game tonight or tomorrow, have to pick up a couple things for our friend and take them back out to him.

Anyways, nuff Lissy ramble (due to about 4 hours sleep)

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