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It’s Read An Ebook Week over at Smashwords and IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES is on sale for $1.50

Check out one of my favorite excerpts from the book:

She held her breath as the tiny boats on the mobile started to move. First one slowly, back and forth, as if it were deliberately being swayed gently, then came the next one, and then the one after that. Each started slowly, but picked up until they were all going. Either she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown or Josh was indeed back. She picked the brand new blanket out of the box and set it over the end of the crib. “They’d all think I’m crazy for thinking you’re here. Heck, I’m even doubting my sanity about all of this.”

One of the boats stilled in response. It was just like him. A smart aleck remark. “Funny,” she muttered. Still the same smart ass she’d fallen in love with. “So funny, Josh. Toy with an already emotional pregnant woman.”

The lone boat began to sway slowly again. The slightest chill brushed against her arm like he’d leaned against her for a moment.

She sighed. “Don’t.” The word was a weak plea not to play games.

The boats slowed down until just the first one was moving back and forth like someone was flicking it with their finger. For a moment she could almost imagine him beside her, leaning on the railing, toying with the soft fabric.

“I keep thinking you would try to show me you’re around. I know that night wasn’t a dream, Josh. You didn’t clean up after yourself.” She laughed softly. “Guess some things never change.”


“Neither do you.” The smile was evident in his voice as he watched her take a few more baby things out from the shopping bag on the change table. He had to smile when he realized how much she was showing. All he wanted was to tell her how much he loved her and how proud he was of her for going through all this and have her for once be able to hear him say it.

He watched her rub her back gingerly as she headed towards the dresser. He noticed the new addition she’d added to the row of photos. It had been taken the same day she’d told him about the baby. He had his head on her shoulder and his hands resting on her hips as she’d been trying to take the picture with her camera. He laughed remembering how many blurred shots she’d gone through before that one had finally been taken. That grin on his face was so silly, but then again, she could make him sillier than he’d ever been in his life and far more serious, too.

She picked the frame up and traced his face with her finger. Josh was rooted to the spot, unable to move. From where he stood her heartache was palpable.



What reviewers are saying:

“Chalmers has written an amazingly beautiful, but heartbreaking book. But if you can get past the tears, this book has a wonderful message I think.” Shasta @ Swoon Worthy Books

“A beautifully written, heartbreaking look at the “What Ifs” most of us would never want to face.” Melanie @ Nerd Girl

“If Tomorrow Never Comes is by far the best ugly cry book I have ever read! This incredible love story has ripped my heart out and has left me a massive pile of crying goo. Oh yes, it is THAT GOOD!” – Jeep Diva Reviews

“This is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story all wrapped into one.” – Sunshine & Mountains Book Reviews & More

“Lisa takes you on a emotional journey that is sometimes hard to read, due to the tears flowing, and believing in miracles by the last page.”

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