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Clearing out the TBR pile. Last night I started (and finished) Gena Showalter’s The Nymph King. Loved it. I’m a big fan of her Atlantis series. Finished Samantha Hunter’s UNTOUCHED, the extreme blaze I got in my last ehq order and got halfway through Poison Study. The night before I made a dent in a couple blazes (The Haunting was one, still iffy on the ending. Might need a reread when I’m not in insomnia mode)

Can’t imagine what I’ll be able to finish off tonight if its another up to 5am marathon like the last 2 days have been. If only my muse would kick in, Chey’s word count might be surprisingly cool. I’d love to hit 50 on the wip this week.

PS. I lost the link to a blog contest maybe someone knows. The prize was a red covered HQN book, really recent release or upcoming. Contest started last wknd I think. I can’t remember which blog it was (I gotta keep better track of these things) if you know, would you tell me? hehe Thanks!

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