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I’ve been away from the blogworld for a few days. What can I say, my computer doesn’t like how cold my desk gets sometimes and refuses to turn on. The joys!! hehe

Up here in Canada we had a long weekend this past wknd because of Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day. Spent Sunday doing most of the cooking so all we had to do was heat everything up on Monday because we were having company – a good friend of ours brought his new girlfriend for dinner. Was an interesting evening.

Taped RAW this week, haven’t seen much but the end. And can I just say whoever decided to fire JR and pull him off the announce team is a complete idiot? I will now be watching the show on mute in protest. I can’t stand Coach’s commentary and I doubt Lawler will even get to utter more than a few words.

Other than that, taking a break from writing right now. Little too much stress going on, so cutting back there and trying to relax. Which really seems to be a lot easier said than done lately.

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