What I’ve Learned…

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I know more about writing now than I did when I started. Which is probably true of most of the writers out there. I know about synopses, query letters, wait times, guidelines, 3 different ways to count word count, SASE’s, IRC’s, GMCs and how to properly research an agent. *lets out deep breath* Quite the list huh? *g*

I still however have no clue how to beat the writer’s block that LOVES showing up at inopportune moments. I can’t stop my muse from torturing me by giving me bits and pieces of the entire story then leaving me to put the puzzle pieces together into something that’s hopefully readable. And I still can’t plot out an entire story before starting it without feeling I’ve already done the ms, why try it again? (Thus the problem with the ongoing T saga!)

So there’s my writer post of the month I guess… with everything I’ve learned, sometimes I wish I could just forget it all and go back to losing myself in my writing :o)

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