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Took a break from revisions last night to do a little browsing/researching on another idea which led me to stumble onto a few other little things. Before I knew it, I had 5 saved webpages, found one thing that would work with the back burner idea and two possibly new story ideas, although the more I think of the one, it could also go with an idea I got last summer and didn’t do anything with yet.

On the revisions front though, aside from wondering just how much nyquil I was really on in January the last time I read through some of these pages (I’m guessing a lot), I cut another handful of scenes and decided to move a few more. And when I read over the work I’ve done so far this week, it actually doesn’t read half bad. I have my notes for a couple new scenes, one major scene move and where it’ll fit in the timeline now and earned myself tonight off and most of tomorrow since there’s two hockey games on I want to see. Sunday I dive back in revisions and hope and pray it’ll keep making sense.

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