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of a half decent title. Right now it seems to me this blog entry is going to be more of a ramble – babble type of post.

So, the writing seems to have kicked into gear this week. I joined a biaw group on yahoo, they were doing it the week before and I’d been in then and then stress hit and I zoned out. So I thought I’d join up again when they decided to try for a second week. I’m kicking butt so far, I’m almost at 10K for the week :o) I want to hit 40K on Chey’s story tonight/tomorrow if all goes well. Then I’ll put what I’ve got so far in order and let it simmer for awhile. I still haven’t entered anything into the RJ contest. I’m not sure what all I want to enter. Most of what I have even in rough stages needs to be rewritten anyways, but at least I’ve got 6 weeks till the contest deadline. Goal is to at least get one in by mid-July. Maybe the darker para.

I didn’t enter the stilletto contest. The entry fee was a little too steep for me, even with the half decent exchange rate. Plus the agent for the category I’d been thinking of entering didn’t like Sab the first go around anyways, she’s the only one who gave me a form R on Vegas. So the thirty some dollars gets to stay with me and either go towards the RWA workshop cds or the rewriting workshop I saw online for August. Or books lol Whichever interests me most I guess.

Hope everyone has a great wknd! :o)

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  1. 10k words!!! WOO HOO!!! That’s terrific. If I could do 10k words in a week, I’d be one very happy writer! Keep up the good work :o)

  2. I added another 6K yesterday. I’m on some weird, wacky roll right now. 🙂

    Hey Dorothy! Glad you like the title 🙂 Nice to see you here

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