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Well its still freezing cold, but the blizzard wasn’t as blizzardly as they predicted — though we did get 10-15cm of the white stuff (4-6 inches) on Wednesday. I don’t like the cold, though I guess it could be worse then our minus 21 high, Manitoba’s sitting at minus 50 with wind or were yesterday.

Sorry for not posting sooner, blogger was down when I tried the other day.

Edited to add — a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nell for having her book THINGS TO DO up now on :o)

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  1. Hugs on cold! Though it’s not that cold here, I try not to put my nose outside and trully want summer back. Btw, huge congrats to Nell!

  2. Yes, hugs on the cold, Lis! I know how you feel — I don’t like it either. Take it to minus 10 and I can cope (just), but anything below that, and I am thoroughly miserable.

  3. We’ve gotten some snow here too -(Iowa) but its the first real snow of the year and my kids are loving it! Obviously not everyone is, but… 🙂

    Congrats on your friends book!

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