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Well its still freezing cold, but the blizzard wasn’t as blizzardly as they predicted — though we did get 10-15cm of the white stuff (4-6 inches) on Wednesday. I don’t like the cold, though I guess it could be worse then our minus 21 high, Manitoba’s sitting at minus 50 with wind or were yesterday.

Sorry for not posting sooner, blogger was down when I tried the other day.

Edited to add — a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nell for having her book THINGS TO DO up now on amazon.com :o)

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  1. Hugs on cold! Though it’s not that cold here, I try not to put my nose outside and trully want summer back. Btw, huge congrats to Nell!

  2. Yes, hugs on the cold, Lis! I know how you feel — I don’t like it either. Take it to minus 10 and I can cope (just), but anything below that, and I am thoroughly miserable.

  3. Thanks for the hugs :o) Warmth is good! hehe

    Same here Loreth! Its sad when we actually consider zero as warm weather lol

  4. I’ll take the snow over this ice any day.

    Congrats to your friend on the book!

  5. We’ve gotten some snow here too -(Iowa) but its the first real snow of the year and my kids are loving it! Obviously not everyone is, but… 🙂

    Congrats on your friends book!

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