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So aside from spending 5 hours this afternoon revamping chapter 2 (I mean complete and total overhaul, I think 2 sentences were carried over from the M&B; version) I decided that chapter 3 is pretty ucky though I had to mail it by 4 pm tomorrow for it to get to NYC by June 1st for the deadline.

Since yesterday when I went to the canadapost website and saw nothing about how long it takes an expresspost envelope to get from here to there, I went back a few minutes ago and this time smartly kicked on FAQ. Guess what? I just bought myself an extra day :O) I could mail it Wednesday and it would still get there guaranteed before the 1st. Hallelujah!!!!

Because a) chapter 3 SO isn’t working for me right now. And if any one of my most lovely cps wanna take a look at 2 and then help me pick apart 3, I’d love you forever. Seriously. *g* and b) my synopsis could be called a suckopsis right now. So yeah 24 hours is a very nice bonus!

Off to blogland for a few minute break then back to stare at my notes I scribbled down during Raw.

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  1. I wish I had known – I would have looked at it.

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