Its April…

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Ah, a new month. And hopefully a great one. Its usually the time when I start my seedlings so I’m very excited about that. Bought a whole bunch of new seeds over the last few weeks at Rona and Wal-Mart (not too mention I have my own seeds I harvested last year) so I foresee a summer full of beautiful flowers (I’ll post pics sometime ifI get the chance, I’m awfully proud of my green thumb! hehe)

So the big news of yesterday and today, I checked my business account and found an email from one of the editors in London *gulp* which that caused a rise of panic and nerves. So I opened it up, fully prepared to see a demand of where is the manuscript and why hasn’t it made its way across the big blue ocean and since they haven’t gotten it yet, just forget about… But all she asked was if I was planning on sending it in because they hadn’t gotten in yet. Small sigh of relief there. But ask Olga, I still went into the war of nerves because of the delay. Yup. Stage fright. See, my mom’s been home sick since mid to late January and for a good month there I was doing a lot of stuff around the house and looking after her. So I emailed the editor back and got a lovely reply this evening that its okay and that they’re looking forward to getting the manuscript *grin* Can I just say I feel a hundred times better now???? And the editors are truly very nice to deal with (Heck I practically had a panic attack hitting send on the reply).

Not much else to ramble about now, no big plans for the weekend (well hoping I can scrape together the extra cash for WM21 on Sunday, but that’s another story) :o) Happy April all!


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  1. Happy April! I understand your scare, but didn’t I tell you not to worry? I think it’s a great plus that they want to see your manuscript so much!

  2. Happy April back!

    You did. I gotta learn to relax more. hehehe Which right now, easier said than done.
    Yeah, its kinda cool. (pushing aside thoughts of nervousness over that)

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