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So I’m seriously thinking of buying the rwa cds. They’re on sale till tomorrow. I’ve never bought them before but I’m thinking it might be well worth the money. Anyone buy them before? Are they a good thing to have?

And Monday I start my synopsis writing workshop. Should be interesting. apparently we’ll learn a bunch of tips on emphasizing different things. Sounds good to me. I’ve been writing synops the same way for the last 4 years. Might be time for a change.

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  1. Lis, I wish I could help, but I don’t know. I heard those cd’s are very useful, that’s all I can say. The workshop sounds great, and thanks for the linkie in the previous post!

  2. Just put my order in for the workshops, so hopefully they’ll be helpful. I was really debating it but I figured if there were at least 10 that looked like I would have been interested in I’d go for it. And there were more then 10 when I counted lol

  3. Can’t hurt anything – except maybe the pocket book.

  4. *g* Exactly Bailey! Managed to get them on the sale price (saved $30) and found out they won’t bill me till they mail them, woohoo, now if only I can win the lotto in the next 6 weeks 😀

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