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are probably not a good thing, unless they’re the sparklers you light up around holidays.

Unfortunately, yesterday I got the bad ones. Pretty blue in color though. For the last week, I’d been having problems with my laptop switching from power adapter to battery and not going back, it’d drain the battery, shut down and then…nothing. It wouldn’t charge. I’d check all the connections, move it, plug it in somewhere else and then the blue light would turn on and it would start to charge. I’d googled. Its an older laptop and it seemed like maybe it was a connection and possibly the motherboard. Scary, scary thought.

Even scarier what the cause really was.

The night before I shut it off and set it down and noticed a red light. I thought probably just my eyes and thought nothing of it. Booted it up last night and it immediately went back to battery power. I checked all the connections, seemed fine. I turned the power block on its side, it had worked the night before. This time I got a funny static sound. I picked the block up. Static sound again. Turned it to the side, and bright blue sparks began to show from the cord. Immediately shut the computer down, unplugged the cord. Picked the block up again, still sparks. Waited. Unplugged it from the machine and went to take a better look. A nice wear right through the cord right up near the power block, if you touch it, you can feel that the wires have actually separated.

Kinda scary. Out of all the times I’ve checked the cord, I’d never noticed it.

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