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For us unpubbed –

I’m not sure about the 4 hours a day bit, right now I’m lucky if I can write two words of dialogue with my brain being mush.

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  1. I’ve never heard of her – who is she?

    4 hours a day? ROFL, yeah, like I have 4 hours a day right now. I know, that’s what it takes, which is why I’m not sending out stuff or anything until after this stuff with mom is done.

    And agents? Hmmmm, Toni Anderson didn’t/doesn’t have an agent and she’s sold two books. I’ve heard both side of that one.

  2. She writes the PINK series books for Bombshell, they’re pretty funny. But man…I have the time but I cannot buckle down to four hours a day. When I’m in the groove the words come fast and furious. But when I’m not, its like pulling teeth and I don’t last an hour or two before I push away from the comp.

    I think the agent thing is a personal decision. Where do you want to be pubbed figures a lot into it, and I know me personally I’d rather have someone else worrying about submissions and who’s had what how long and leave me the creative side of things

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