July 1st

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Happy Canada to all the Canuck readers/lurkers :o) For once we have really nice, hot weather. I think I’ve already sunburned my shoulders *g*

And the other important thing about July 1st, its free agency day in the NHL. :o) One of my favorite players, Tom Poti is now a Washington Capital (Yay for getting off the Island, boo for staying out east).

Did a little shopping yesterday. Bought books. I really need to be kept out of bookstores. At one point I had 9 books in my hand. I narrowed it down to 4 since I only had so much cash on me. Still no sightings of Suzanne’s new book or Michelle’s Fanged and Fabulous. But I did pick up a few I’ve been waiting months to get, including RISES THE NIGHT. Started the Kerrlyn Sparks I picked up, since I wanted a little ‘lighter’ para right now.

Anyone have any big plans for the wknd?

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  1. Writing… writing… and a little writing thrown in for good measure. LOL about the books. I ALWAYS end up putting some back. Well, sometimes I should at least :o)

  2. Happy Canada Day!

    I shopped yesterday, too. For clothes and shoes. Not a great experience. My TBR pile is so out of control I won’t allow myself in a bookstore. Especially with RWA next week…free books!

  3. hehe Sounds like a creative wknd! :o) Its to agonizing to pick which ones to put back. If the sale’s still on this week I may sneak back and pick up the ones I put back, now that the website’s saying they have Fanged and Fab in stock

    Another reason to be jealous of all those going to RWA :o) Hope you had good luck shopping!

  4. Happy Canada Day, Lis!

    Btw, you won over at the Romance Reviews Today blog…..The Carrington’s are waiting for your address.

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