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The weather today is muggy. With a capital MUGG. On the bright side of being so hot you can’t last more than an hour outside, my flowers are opening :o) The bonanza marigolds today and the new breed of african daisy on the weekend. The one pot has doubled in size but there’s still two that aren’t anything more than seedlings. Have to hit them with a major dose of fertilizer soon.

I’m not sure if its the heat or what but my brain has been in a complete fog the last few days. I even forgot what day it was today. I swore it was Wednesday when I woke up. I kid you not. I even started to write down that something in the mail today arrived Wednesday. Total brain fog. Apparently it and my muse decided to take off to the Bahamas without me. Ingrates! :O)

No big plans for the week, the Canadian long wknd is over. Writing probably will take up some time. Dad’s on his last few days of holidays so probably end up running errands with him one of these days this week. Went to home depot yesterday. I want to go back to Chapters to see if the sale’s still on and I need new shoes. Not a want. Its a need. I somehow managed to break the one pair of sandals (the strap may be fixable, dad’s going to try and crazy glue it) and the inside’s coming out of my only pair of flat sneakers. They may last the month. They may not. Can you tell i’m so NOT excited about shoe shopping? I tend to be pretty picky and I’m more comfortable in heels then flats so trying on flat sandals at this time of year when the place is going to be packed is so not my idea of fun.

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  1. It’s muggy here, too. It’s hot all day, then around 4pm it rains. It’s been like this for about two weeks! I guess my plants like it.

    Good luck with the shoe shopping! I’m with you on the heels vs. flats. I mostly wear heels ’cause I’m a shrimp.

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