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I couldn’t get onto the website to post a Happy Canada blog, so belated Happy Canada day. 🙂

Didn’t do much exciting for Canada Day. Ordered a pizza and watched the fireworks at 11:00pm. They were nice, some new ones this year. I really liked the red and white one that sort of went like a box. That was cool, but I wish they would have been able to get them up a little higher in the sky. Some were so low didn’t get to see much of them from where I was.

I’ve decided to change things up a little bit. Try and get rid of some of the undue stress of the last few months that wasn’t helping me. Being an indie writer means you get to set your own schedule and if I haven’t been able to hit the schedule I had in mind in January, it’s okay. So time to take a deep breath and see if erasing the pressure of that deadline over my head helps me concentrate on the revisions any. I honestly think it will.

Aside from the hero deciding he doesn’t like his name and leaving me using a filler name until he decides to find one he likes, I should be able to buckle down a bit this week and at least try to get to the 50K mark.


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