When Good Days Go Bad

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AKA when the computer decides to go to @(#*$)

I’m aware my desktop is finickity. Its been that way in all of its 5 years. It lives on a metal desk, so I’m sure its even more picky about the cold then other comps. And since it rained this morning and still is, I figure it’ll be cold and need a few minutes to warm up. (I will admit in winter, I throw a fleece blanket over it for almost an hour before booting it up)

So I flick it on finally and it boots (a miracle itself) when it decides to hang oh so prettily on windows is starting up…for 35 minutes. No blinkey lighty.


So I push the button and turn it off. Try again. Same thing. Turn back off. And proceed to rock the tower back and forth. Turn on, with f8 key pressed and go into safe mode (wow, a real miracle it bypassed the windows starting screen) and go into restore. Pick a day from middle of July and let it go.

All looks good until…

NORTON goes to pot. Its erroring this. Its erroring that. And it wants me to uninstall it. Er, not *(*#$( likely. So I go to the symantec website (all risky and with no internet protection…) and follow the little linkey the error messages keep giving me with the option to download the new version (2 ahead of mine…so I wonder what automatic updates been downloading the last few months if it hasn’t been the new version)

So I download the new version and start installing it. Suddenly it wants to reboot after going thru the files. Sure go ahead. I sit back thinking finally I’ll have my comp back…

and no, now it decides I don’t have a subscription to updates and wants me to purchase one…

*hits head on desk*

Took twenty minutes to find product key, another half hour to figure out where to insert product key (I know where I was thinking, right up symantec’s…) and now its reinstalled and scanning. I have the fun/horror of redoing the firewall later. I just hope it decides to recognize the laptop before next weekend.

Great way to kick start a long weekend eh?

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