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Nalini Singh is doing some promo for her upcoming book. If you’d like to participate in the contest, read about it on her blog.

Since I like meme’s and I’m short of blog topics this week while I fight through edits… here we go :o)


The VISIONS OF HEAT meme 1. Which psychic power would you most like to possess? I’d like to see the future. :o) I think it’d be fun and might stop me from making a few mistakes

2. If you could see the future, what would you like to see?

Oh wow, look I’m psychic already!! lol Uhm, well mistakes… and I’d like a little clarity on where I’m going.

3. Imagine you woke up one day and could shapeshift – what would you shift into?

Seriously? Hmmm… I’d like to be like a garden faery for a day. Discover a whole new, secret world

4. What kind of a paranormal creature would you invite over for dinner if there were no limits on who you could ask?

Can I get an Angel or Spike??? Pretty please??

5. Which future innovation do you wish would hurry up and get here already? i.e. flying cars, a transporter, computers with artificial intelligence, an auto chef?

I’m going with two. The transporter since I’ve never flown and hey, why start now lol And flying cars, though I don’t know how well I’d do with heights. Maybe I’d be the slow poke dawdling along at 6 feet in the air.

This meme was begun by Nalini Singh to get the word out about her next book, Visions of Heat (releasing March 6). Want to play, too, and enter to win a $50 Amazon voucher plus an ARC? Click here for details.

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