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Wide awake right now. Had an upset tummy tonight for awhile. Watched three hockey games (or 2 and a half) tonight. Pittsburgh’s out, kinda sad. Wished Georges could have played more and watching Sidney play for awhile longer would have been nice, but Mike and co. are on to the second round. Calgary beat Detroit to even the series *woohoo!* and Canucks lost to Dallas 🙁 With a win tonight they would have knocked the stars out and moved to the second round. Hoping they do that Saturday. Not a big Stars fan.

Toying with two stories right now, I forgot to print a few things off earlier so editing off hard copy isn’t working and the new idea gave me one of the big scenes so had to get that down before I lost it.

Tried to do some video work tonight on some of my captured tv shows. The audio was out of sync so I downloaded a trial program. Fixed the audio up, but now pinnacle studio won’t convert/edit the new file. Which is a little worrying. I’d like to burn the files to dvd and get some disc space back.

No big plans for the weekend. Its SNOWING here (argh!) so probably stay inside and warm and watch more hockey and catch up on my editing.

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  1. Sorry, I have to stay loyal to my Stars.

    I had an upset stomach on Thursday – we’re thinking it was a mild form of food poisoning, but better now.

    I sure would like one last blast of Winter, but I fear she’s gone now. *sigh*

  2. Glad you’re feeling better Bailey!
    We’re still in winter mode. Snowed again. I’d send you some snow but it would probably melt soon as it crossed the border 🙂

    Yeah Sabres are hot right now! Knocked Smytty and co out last night. Great game though. Who do you want to see them play next round?

  3. It snowed again?!?! My goodness!

    I’d like to see the Sabres play Tampa Bay next. Purely for selfish reasons – I live an hour from Tampa and I’d try to get in to see a game!

  4. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Stars (because they always knocked us out in round one!), but I do like Mike Modano. He seems like a pretty even keeled and decent guy.

  5. The Oilers/Stars games were always good 🙂 I remember being at the one a few years back when Georges took out Turco (?) with less than a minute left to score and push it into OT.

    Yeah Modano doesn’t seem to get rattled much.

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