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So its the first night of the finals without hockey. *sniffle* I haven’t blogged on the finals yet because well I was hoping Ottawa would turn things around a little after Game 1. I mean they started off great (I thought that first goal was Mikey’s) then the Ducks came in and well took over the first two games.

Emery definitely kept them in Game 2. But where the heck have Alfie, Spezza and Heatley gone? I mean they can’t generate anything and I can’t count how many giveaways Spezza’s done in the last 2 games. I just hope going back to Ottawa rejuvenates their game.

Eaves was impressive in game 1, hitting anything that moved (I especially enjoyed him hitting Prongs!). Comrie’s playing goo even when Anaheim keeps going after his head. The reffing though stinks. I mean, hello, crosschecks to the head? No call. Guy trips himself on Anaheim and some Sens guy is headed to the box. Its crazy. And is just me or wasn’t there usually just two refs who called the series? None of this rotating guys every night.

Anyways, I still think overall Ottawa’s a better team, but they haven’t been playing like it.

I just hope its not the Ducks in 5.

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