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Why does my story decide to rewrite itself at 2 am in the sweltering heat when the last thing I want to do is roll out of bed (and out of the nearness of the rotating fan) and at the same time clear up a bunch of glaring pot holes and gift me with a brand new story idea.

I don’t know but I think my muse is screwed up (or as I’ve said before, lives in some weird European country. Hmmmm maybe he’s finnish…in which case that’s perfectly acceptable *g*)

Other then that, plants are doing good. 2 of the petunia heads actually went to seed *gasp* and I caught them this afternoon so yay, first petunia seeds I’ve ever saved.

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  1. Lis, hugs on heat wave and a strange behavior of the muse! The good thing, I hope, is that your ms is moving forward. But I’m glad your plants are doing great!

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