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What a game. Or at least, second half of a game. The first was pretty boring. The second was dominated by some pretty pathetic penalty calls (the sabres were cross checking anyone in sight at one point but not getting called. Ottawa skates too near a guy and he goes to the box. wth?) I figured overtime might have pushed it in Buffalo’s favor. But…thanks to a pretty goal by Alfie — they’re on to the finals!!! Woohoo!!!

I’m hoping Detroit’s the team to come out of the west, but winning without Prongs, might have just put the Ducks on a roll 🙁

Rumor is the finals start on the 26th :o)

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  1. It WILL be Detroit. I was kinda hoping that the Buffalo Ottawa series went a little longer since we are finished yet, but that’s all right. I am glad that Ottawa won as we know have home ice. And yes, I do consider all fans part of the Red Wing organization lol.

    GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was kinda surprised the finals are starting in the west this time around. I’m hoping for Detroit since I totally detest Pronger :o)
    I’m glad Ottawa wrapped it up early, Buffalo could have gotten some momentum and pushed a game 7. This way the guys get a few well deserved days off.
    Fingers crossed Detroit shuts the Ducks down in 6!

  3. I’m so sad! It’s over, it’s really over. Oh well. They did wonders for Buffalo’s economy, so I’m glad about that 😉

  4. I can’t believe how many people Buffalo had outside every game. Wow. I think they said like 12,000 last game?
    Buffalo played well. I just think its the Sens year. They’re just on a roll right now

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