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I can officially say its freezing. Its about to hit -30 and with the supposed wind over the next few days, its just going to be too cold to say outloud. But change the 3 to possibly a 4 and eeks…

Best friend arrived Thursday night and left yesterday around supper time. So we had about 2 days together total. Blinded each other with camera flashes, exchanged birthday and Xmas presents and did a little shopping Friday night. Its still hard to believe we only see each other once a year now.

Still not sure I’m in the Xmas mood yet, but I am listening to the Bing Crosby Xmas special channel on XM. (Love the old stuff!) Dropped almost all the cards into the mail today. Just have 2 more I think to go out and the mail should be done. 🙂 The line up wasn’t bad when dad and I got into Shopper’s, but when we left it was halfway down the aisle and the girl behind the desk was already almost out of the plastic bins for envelopes. I almost don’t want to go in again this week and mail the pkg for my oma lol

Other than that… not much new. I’m definitely freezing though lol

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