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Pretty much sums up how I feel since I printed out the manuscript in the wee hours of last Thursday. I think my lone two workable brain cells have hung up the no vacancy sign and took off on vacation :o)

Checked mail tracking and its still on the way to the delivery office in the UK. So I think that’s okay, its in the country so its a lot closer to being delivered than if it were still here.
Dad said something interesting over lunch, that its now completely out of my hands, its up to the cosmos and the editors and I need to just relax, recoup and do something else. So the week long vacation might get stretched out a little longer.

I’m still in the air as to what to to play with next. I know I promised someone that one story, which I definitely need to get my butt in gear on…but right now I’m having a heck of a time even reading anything (my two muchly anticipated Bombshell purchases of the month have barely been touched) and writing just seems so far beyond me at this point. Guess when inspiration hits I’ll write, and till then, heck with it :o)

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  1. Lol at no vacancy sign. Now, you can relax, read, rest, etc. You have a great excuse — you need to refill your inspiration well!

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