How I Spent Father’s Day

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Not how I thought I would.

Anyways, I wake up at about 10 this morning to mom saying something about birds outside and I can’t make out the rest through the door. So I get up and go downstairs and she says go outside and see what dad has.

Go outside and find dad with two little baby birds in his hand. Apparently they fell out of their nest. Mom found the first one in the front yard and then went around back to look for the nest and found the second little guy in the rocks.

So I spent the day outside, chasing two little baby birds around as they tried to escape the grass and get through the fence holes. :o) They’re pretty tame though, they were climbing all over dad and even the mama bird sat on dad’s hand as she fed them. We ended up hiding them in one of the cedars where the mama bird can get in to them and none of the predators should hopefully find them (esp. if the one labeled the escape artist stays put)

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  1. hehe, exactly! *g* I took a bunch of pictures, when we get them back I’ll have to post some.
    And so far, so good. They’re still in the cedar

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