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I haven’t blogged in a few days. Between cleaning up (gah!), watering the plants outside in this heat (which takes at least an hour a day) and trying to get some words down…not to mention reading Harry Potter… its absolutely crazy. But I’d like to thank the makers of Relacore because I SO don’t feel stressed :o)

So I cleaned up the ‘office’ area, okay, not so much an actual office but the area where I write. Managed to shred about a kitchen bag and a half of junk (no manuscripts, wips or story notes were harmed in the process *g*). I redid my storage system, and my first RS ms now sits in its very own bankers box. Its HUGE. Well the 4 versions of it complete with all my research is huge. But I will admit its much cleaner. Yesterday I redid my closet and tossed a few things and it looks a little better. Still have some work to do up there, but its too hot to work so I’ll finish up either later tonight or tomorrow morning in the heat.

Between that, my best bud emailed and told me she’s now not getting in till 6 Saturday night. So it cuts our time down a bit.

Writing wise, I got 2K down yesterday and am really, really close to hitting 50K on Cruel Summer. I mean SUPER, within 200 words close. So aiming for that tonight. When I do I’m celebrating by watching the Criss Angel episodes I taped Tuesday night. :o)

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