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So today is not one I want to repeat. I haven’t slept a wink in 19 hours. Why you might ask? Hmmm, well I decided to mess up my laptop and make it unuseable till 9 am this morning when my dad could open the back of it up and could take out the 2nd hard drive and I could go through the F-U-N that is a system recovery. All because a tech told me over email last night that was the only way to get rid of a program that wasn’t uninstalling itself and was completely undeletable and unusable.

Can we just say NEVER EVER again.

Brief panic after the hour spent recovering to find out, erm where are my files? Could have lost 13,000 but they were thankfully backed up and I didnt lose my captured video on the second hard drive. (big sigh of relief!!)

So I’ve spent the last 8 hours since it finally was bootable updating windows (all 64 updates thank you very much), reinstalling norton, reboot, nero, reboot, my trial version of office and oh guess what? The problem that caused it all?



Lesson learned. Ignore pain in the arse programs and live in oblivion. :o) Saves your sanity.
At least, it happened yesterday/today and not today/tomorrow. Not how I plan on spending my 27th b-day!!

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  1. Lis, lots, lots of hugs. And I hope you’ll still have a very Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Nooo… Glad you got all your stuff back safely. Happy birthday!

    Jess x

  3. Glad you were able to get it going again.

    Came over to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  4. My avatar even put on a a special dress for you. LOL

  5. Thanks guys :o) Nice birthday so far, though it doesn’t look good for the laptop

  6. Oh, Lis, that must have been awful. It was awful enough when I was backing up a database of over 20,700 items: my book list read, own, and TBR with all sorts of information, though quite a few entries are where to find certain poems or speeches, etc. in larger books.

    It happened before I went to Mexico for a wedding for a week. (Gift from my brother and sister-in-law, the parents of the groom.)

    Anyway, in my hurry, I copied the backup file from July onto the one I’d worked on until the end of Oct. Then, realizing I’d made some sort of mistake, I moved the database (11MB+) to the backup only. So when I returned I couldn’t even find the file. When I realized that 4 month’s worth of input had been erased–and I’d been working hard on it in the summer months–I was devastated too. I still am. I’ve made no dent at all in putting back all the entries I’ve lost since the computer has problems and I’m moving. (See Bailey’s blog)

    I hope that you’ve fully recovered all your needed files.

    A big hug and a wish for a Happy Birthday and a great year to follow.

    My paternal grandfather’s birthday was yesterday, my father’s on the 6th and my grandmother’s on the 14th. Doesn’t happen too often to have the first three members in a family have their birthdays that close, I guess.

  7. Wow, thank goodness you had your files backed up!

    And, more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Can’t wait to hear how you celebrated!

  8. Hi Ruby, thanks for the birthday well wishes :o) Oh my gosh, losing a file like that would be awful. My book list was one of the ones I worried about too. Didn’t want to go through the bookshelf and try to remember where I’d bought it and if they were autographed or not. Very thankful the non destructive recovery was actually non destructive :o) Scary hour though waiting for it to reinstall windows and boot back up to see what’s still there and what isn’t.
    That’s neat to have so many birthdays close together :o)

    Hi Julie, thanks for the birthday wishes :o) Well didn’t celebrate with as much alcohol as I would have thought given the comp issues lol

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