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Or sort of.

Just realized I like the one word blog titles. Keeps my thinking to a minimum I guess *g*

Anyways, I’m back in the land of the living. Or at least more than I have been the last week. Down to a single dose of that godawful tylenol liquid cough syrup. Can some place please make something that takes half decent? Every time I poured a capful it reminded me of that seabreeze toner I used to use a few years ago and yuck…I never wanted to drink that or this stuff. Though could be worse, could have been buckleys I guess.

My new fave commericial. I must share this. The new subway one with Jon Lovitz. Now not because the girl in the commericial’s named Lisa, but for the fact blonde boy resembles a certain individual and the glee in Jon Lovitz’s voice when he says ‘ the blonde boy is a loser’ for that alone i’m on a quest to get it on tape. See what being doped up on cough meds does? lol

Playoffs start Friday *happy dance* and that means good hockey. Not that the last few weeks haven’t been good hockey, but there’s been a LOT of boring hockey. So I’m muchly looking forward to it. And the Oilers quick but swift elimination *g*

Other than that, started seeds inside Wednesday I think. Pansies and snaps already up or beginning to. Nothing on the petunias yet…or the tomatoes/peppers tray. Maybe when it gets sunny this week they’ll start to show up.

Anyways, happy easter!

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better. I don’t know why they can’t made medicine for adults taste good. They spend all of this time and money making childrens stuff palitable – but us, oh nooooooo.

    I haven’t seen that commercial – I’ll have to be on the lookout for it.

    Are the Stars in the playoff? You know I don’t pay attention to Hockey. (sorry)

  2. Thanks! Yeah I know. I grabbed one that said grape flavor only to see in the bottom it was for kids. Guess they figure us adults can stand the gross medicinal taste/

    I think its pretty new. Only started here last week. There’s three of them. One where he just talks about the sandwich. One where a woman’s trying to decide what to make or take home for dinner and he says ‘she’s making me anxious’ and then my favorite one. *g*

    Yup, Stars are definitely in. They sit second in the west and can’t go up or be bumped down. Should know after tonight if they’re playing Colorado or Anaheim. I’m not sure who’s better for them to face. Theodore’s just started playing in Colorado so he might be the easier goalie.

  3. I’ve seen one of the Lovitz, but I’m usually on the computer at the time (I work during commercials since my back is to the TV) – but definitely not all three. And of course, if I’m watching something I’ve taped then I fast forward through the ads. But I’ll definitely keep a look out from now on.

  4. Hello there….I have been searching for that very same jon lovitz subway commercial line and i cannot find it(the blonde boys a loser)…if you have found it could you please send it to me….i signed up for this blog thing just to send you this message…so if you could send it to….thanks

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