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I’m sick. With a capital S.

I managed to go the whole winter without a cold and now here I am hacking like crazy. My throat hurts. I’m exhausted and just plain blah…

And to top it off, Canucks are out of the playoffs :o(

Bad week all around.

So if I’m not around for awhile, you’ll know why. I’m nicely doped up on disgusting tylenol liquid, sound asleep some where :o)

Just in case I’m away from the compie all weekend (most likely) Happy Easter all!!

5 Replies to “Yuck…”

  1. A little better 🙂
    Sore throats gone, but still coughing every once in awhile. Guess its gonna be a full weekend doped up on tylenol liquid *cringe*

  2. Lucky duck!!
    I keep looking at my Mike’s Lemonade in the fridge and shaking my head.

    btw, did you wanna read some of Her Protector? Its still a little rough when I go back and look at it (wrote it about 4 yrs ago now)

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