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Today just plain sucked.

First I had to get up 7 a.m. for the telephone guy who could show anywhere between 8am and 6 pm. And to top it off I didn’t sleep last night in the heat and I felt pretty crappy anyways. So there I am up at 8.a.m downstairs, dressed, waiting.

Guy does not show up.

Calls at 12;30 saying he knows what the problem is with our just signed up for 2 weeks ago DSL that was supposed to start last Wednesday but someone forgot to tell the server and the switch and something else but hey it should be good to go. So fine, go back downstairs and install it. Which runs for somewhere around an hour before conking out and making me spend the next SEVEN hours trying to install it. With errors every time. Your cables aren’t hooked up. Your connection is refused. The server is not responding. SEVEN FREAKING HOURS people. And now, its sorta working.

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss AOL.


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