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Totally excited when I saw the link to this on twitter: Babysitter’s Clubs books are going to be reissued!!! Sweet, I used to love those books. I don’t think I had all 213 but I’m guessing I have a pretty big chunk of them.

I even remember my first one. I’d been doing the summer reading game at the local library and won. The librarian told me to go behind the desk and go through this big box of books and most of them were all Babysitter’s Club Special Editions. I had a huge sinking feeling if I took one, I’d be hooked. I was totally right. After that, I was clearing off the bookshelves at the bookstore whenever I had the money. :o)

Can’t wait to see the reissues and the prequel. Now if only Sleepover Friends would come back out, all my childhood reading would be revisted. :o)

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