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Time to update the blog. I think posting in two consecutive days is a record for November. Didn’t get much done (I think I was in a NaNo writing coma, I’m just starting to resurface, just in time for the holidays! *g*)

Scribbling down a list for shopping tomorrow, its very vague (mom snoops) but she pretty well has an idea of what I’m getting her anyways (stop at the body shop, some chocolates from laura secord…) and still debating a few items for a couple friends. I love the fact that we’re guessing what to get each other lol A few of my friends give me lists which is great (reminds me I owe one of my best friends my list, hmmm time to browse tonight before amazing race? hope so) but a few others leave me out in the cold. Not that I mind but my brain power right now is sorta…poof…

Watched the isles game tonight. I’m beginning to think they’re a pitiful team lol There were a bunch of players placed on waivers today and trade rumors are beginning to abound, so I’m crossing my fingers my favorite player gets moved. Out west would be nice. Edmonton even nicer :o)

What else, well Dad went in to the pre surgery clinic this morning. I guess he’s scheduled to go in at 7:45 am Monday morning. Please send good thoughts and prayers his way. I think we’re all a little nervous about it. Shouldn’t take more than an hour they said, but still… And to top it off, he’s gonna be in a sling not being able to move his arm for at least six weeks. Merry Christmas eh dad? :o)

Guess that’s all that’s in my head right now. Playing catch up on Xmas cards since I got a few more addresses emailed to me tonight. But if your on the mail card list, I should have them mailed out this weekend!

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