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I totally can’t believe its December already. Where did October and November go? I’d kind of like them back lol Its weird to think its 3 weeks to Xmas eve tomorrow and a month till my birthday. 2007 is zooming by and seems to be picking up speed.

Having a quiet wknd at home. Its way TOO cold to go outside (-25ish and with wind, don’t want to think what it feels like with wind chill) So I made chocolate shortbread cookies yesterday, finished 2 books for review and printed out the last bit of mine that needs work. Maybe I’m suffering a bit from the not-willing-to-let-go, but I also know that the last few chaps need a smidge more work. Planning on watching the Oilers game tonight @ 6, having my favorite Souvlaki pork chops and fries, and go on a highlighting frenzy with what i hope is the last print out of this particular ms. :o) (side note to all geeky authors, the 3M highlighters with attached post-it flags ROCK!)

Blog wise, this could be a busy month here @ Dude, Where’s My Muse? I’m hosting a few authors on blog tours, as well as talking about a new book this week. If you’re interested in being hosted, shoot me an email or leave me a comment. I’d like to hit 10K visitors for the year and need about 800 this month to do it.

Hope everyone’s having a nice (and warm!) weekend :o)

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  1. Man, chocolate shortbread cookies sound soooo good!!!

  2. Can I just say I really don’t like this new blogspot setup that doesn’t allow you to post as “other” with your URL?

    (Psst–get a WordPress blog!)

  3. We’re having a mild December so far. Up into the 70s for most of the week (well, except today when we had a weak cold front come through and it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and 55 degrees – but it’ll be shorts tomorrow).

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