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Procrastination – A Writer’s Best Friend
So here I am, researching cell phones, checking email and doing anything to avoid trying to name Vin, Ava and Mimi. I need last names for the 3 and can’t come up with a single one. Vin’s really stumping me because I can’t have a name with a N in it and that’s all I keep coming up with. Joyful…

I’ve got chapter 2 pretty well mapped out, still need to smooth out a couple scenes but I’m gonna plow ahead and do that later. 3 might not be bad and 4 should fall into place. Ate lunch and edited the hard copy of what’s coming up ahead, so have another couple hopefully thousand words to add to it.

Went out to the Worlds Longest Game last night, tons of people there. Which wasn’t too bad. They’ve got a silent auction going on so I put a bid in on two things, one dad wants and one I want, a framed pic of Mika Kippursoff in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Mom and dad went out this afternoon so see if anyone’s bid on the pic. Be a nice addition to my office hehe


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