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Long time no post :o)

Took a mini vacation…rested the arm and the wrists. Don’t like elbow pain. Managed to do something to the tendon on my left foot. Fun. So my newest fashion accessory this spring…the ace bandage. Looks pretty what with the sparkly nailpolish :o)

Managed to do a little shopping. My horoscope monday said to go out and get myself a present. Since I didn’t get out of the house Monday, went to wally mart yesterday and bought myseld SEVEN WWE dvds, woohoo. All marked down to the wonderfully low price of $6.88. Found a few I’d been searching for for a couple years now. Got into a mini argument with dad (which happens when I seem to spend any money… *sigh*) but the DVDs are home, sitting on my desk. And my DVD to be watched pile, now rivals the TBR pile. Good thing or no?

In other news…

Debating on which new idea to start. I have one going through my head, it likes to recur that sorta seems based on some British movie I only saw half of. Three friends sorta deal. No real romance involved. I don’t know if its chick-lit…maybe women’s fic? Don’t know since I haven’t put a word down, but I had the three characters introducing themselves to me last night till 6 in the morning. Not a good week for Deja Vu to stop airing vice. Add in mom’s new fascination with CSI (three eps a night on various channels) and its a wonder I was able to close my eyes at all. But I have to say, I do like Horatio’s voice.

Hope everyone’s having a good week!

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  1. Chick lit, Women’s fiction, General fiction – who cares, as long as it’s writing?

    I love CSI – except I’ve dropped Miami and New York, after years of trying I just couldn’t get into them.

  2. Good point :o) Just not sure I have that literary-ish women’s fic voice.

    *g* I loved the first season of the first CSI then sorta fell out of the show for awhile. Can’t get into the NYC one either

  3. You’ll never know unless you try.

    I stuck with NY for the entire first season because I am such a (good guy roles only) Gary Sinese fan. But just couldn’t hack the darkness of it this season. And for some reason the storylines of Miami don’t grab me like the Vegas one does. And if I can’t get into the storylines, then there just has to be a good looking man to keep me interested and (for me) I just couldn’t find one on Miami either.

    So, did you get your monitor cleaned off?

  4. Good point. Still trying to figure it out if the three main characters ALL want to be first person pov. *insert scared look here*

    *nods* Yeah, I’m not much a fan of the darker stuff either. I think the Vegas CSI’s a little quirkier too. Or maybe its just the characters. *g* Miami’s not really filled with eye candy. I always liked Nick (hope thats his name) on CSI Vegas, ever since he played on Savannah.

    Yes I did. Luckily most of it got on the edging *g*

  5. Hi Lis — I say that if it’s prodding at you, write it! Also I’ve been meaning to ask you about your WIPs… I read you talking about them in your posts but I don’t really know what they’re about :/ Care to share? You don’t have to! Jess x

  6. Yeah, Nick’s cute, but I’ve always had this thing for Grissom. Don’t know why because he doesn’t fit my normal eye candy – maybe I’m more drawn to brains than I thought?

    Yeah, I’m with Jessica – I’d like to hear a little more about them too. I mean, I know some about Sabrina already because of Olga’s contest.

  7. Oh shoot, I typed a really long comment and accidently hit login and publish before I meant to and lost it all. Doh!! Blonde moment of the day award, goes to moi! hehe
    Try it again, hope I can remember it all…

    Hi Jess,
    Its definitely prodding at me. So I’ll get the basic idea down and then tell the characters to properly wait their turn, there’s loads ahead of them. *g* Doubt they’ll listen.
    Oh gosh, I never realized that. I’ll put something up soon :o)

    Hi Eve,

    Could be, though watching CSI this morning (is it on like 24 hours a day? lol) Grissom does have a certain charisma to him.

    I’ll put a couple blurbs together and post them soon. :o)

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