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So its been about 25 hours give or take, since the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup. I think I’m nearing withdrawls lol I didn’t watch all the game last night but its on tape so I can go through the whole thing. I do kinda want to see Chris Phillips scoring on his own goal. Like my dad said last night, for whatever reason the hockey gods were completely against Ottawa. I don’t see the point though in benching players in a game 5, make or break game. Especially being down 2 goals already. Nuff said. But I’m sensing an Ottawa shake up before training camp.

Guess that leaves the next most *fun* thing in hockey to look forward to —

July 1st marks the start of UFA signings and since 4 of my favorite players are UFA, this is going to be interesting. Much like trade deadline day, but without the emotional trauma of finding out your fave player has just been thrown aside from your team and gone to hell…or the Islanders. Same thing I guess lol

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  1. The ducks played a great game on Wednesday, and the entire series. Had Ottawa decided to be the same team they were in the Buffalo series, they could have gone 7 games I think.

    *g* Yep Bailey, playoffs ended Wednesday night when Anaheim beat Ottawa in 5 games for the cup 🙂

  2. Wow, the moment the Sabres lost out I forgot the playoffs were even going on. I didn’t know they had ended! LOL. Good luck with the withdrawal!

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