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That Writing Thing…

Happy NaNoWriMo!!! :o)

That perkiness comes off a very successful working chat this afternoon. It was my first and I have to give props to all the ladies in there. I did 3000 words in 3 hours. Yikes. Eeks. I’m shocked. Especially given the big fat ZERO I did last month.

I have to thank Nell for our chat on Monday. It got the idea perculating in my mind and I have some pages in my binder from Tuesday that need to be typed out so I’m not sure where I am overall but definitely above the 3K mark as of right now.

Let’s see what else, November is off to a damn good start as my favorite NHL player got his first goal last night!!! Woohoo and an assist.


  1. Olga

    Yay! You go, girl! Sounds like the month started greatly for you!

  2. Kate Allan

    3000 words in 3 hours!

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