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It just turned Tuesday. Hmmm…interesting

Yeah like anything I have to say right now is interesting right? I’m in the midst of once again detesting my characters, longing to dive back into my fanfic and the safety of that damn story I’ve been toying with for 5 years. *sigh*

And anyone who knows that one, knows at this moment, I must be pretty damn insane to be saying that!

So I’m changing up my music. Trying to find something to stir the creativity out. I should have picked up the new Buble CD on the weekend since I didn’t get Wrestlemania. – And I have to say, damn I actually GOT chills watching the highlight package at the opening of RAW. I don’t know quite what it was, but there I was gel pen to paper and goosebumps watching the highlights. Austin looked great. Shawn even better. Randy…*sigh* Man, I wish I’d gotten it, I think it would have been amazing to see live.

Back to other stuff though, the writing. I was listening to the Backstreet bootleg out of Cleveland this week. Loving it. Just can’t write love scenes to it *sigh* Why I don’t know. You think I’d be able to after all these years of fandom but nope. Nothing. Maybe I’ll try AJ’s Lay Down Beside Me solo later and see if that helps any.

Something’s gotta shake lose the rest of this story and I’m really hoping soon. Deadline keeps floating over my head and the pressure’s back on. Ah hell…

Hitting publish.


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  1. Forget about the pressure. Just write. And don’t detest your characters — they are wonderful!

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