Fear the Dark: The Best Horror Movies for Halloween by Julie Thibodeau Whenever I browse the internet searching for the best horror movies and come across a Top 100 list of best horror, I always find myself frowning. Some of these lists include films I would never watch while ignoring or omitting some of the better though lesser-known, greatest horror movies ever made. I don’t pretend to know what’s wrong with Hollywood’s long dry spell of good scary movies. The beginning of jump-scare movies which original drew viewers to the theatre has saturated the horror film market making anything truly frightening obsolete. Seriously, whenRead More →

  Inspiration – Love will find you, you just have to be willing to open the door when it get there.     #BookHugs : Banished Hero – Book 1 in Banished Series Author: Anita Philmar Genre: Shapeshifter Syfy Romance   Taglines:   Can a lost princess find her way home? Can a sexy wolf save her or is he out to eat her alive? Shapeshifters need love too!   Hashtags:  #shapeshifter #changling #syfy #alphahero #princessromance #bookseries       Blurb:   With no memory of her past, Faye Lynn Berton clings to a father who curses her ability to shape-shift, then uses her specialRead More →

#BookHugs #HealAHeart     Blurb: Heal A Heart   Lexi Donovan boards a train and cowardly flees to her grandmother’s home in Louisville when her crush, Cooper Grayson, returns to Bardstown from San Francisco and immediately seeks her father’s permission to court her after she’s already accepted an engagement ring from her best friend, Silas Reilly. She returns to town with a new husband, Luke Weston. A shot rings out during their picnic together. The two men who claim to love her are both suspects.   Excerpt   Soon after Cooper was gone forever, Lexi permitted her relationship with Silas to develop into a seriousRead More →

    Boo! Did I scare you?   It’s time for the Frightful & Delightful Spooktacular Blog Hop!   Join me and the authors listed below to win a Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa!     HOW CAN YOU WIN?    Visit each author blog in the hop and look for their unique clue. Each author will have their own unique clue so you do have to stop by each blog in order to solve the puzzle.      HOW TO FIND THE UNIQUE CLUE? It will be a black square like this:     IMPORTANT TIP: Each blog in this hop is numbered. InRead More →

  A Ghost #BookHugs Exchange!     Spirits of the Heart Supernatural Suspense/Romance by Claire Gem Finalist in the “I Heart Indie Awards”   An addiction counselor & a security guard struggle to free two, lost spirits trapped inside an abandoned mental asylum. Laura Horton returns from college to move in with an old friend & start her career. But her homecoming is jarring. Her friend has moved out unexpectedly, leaving Laura alone with the gorgeous but intimidating ex-boyfriend—in a house that snugs up to an ancient graveyard. Officer Miller Stanford is a man with a shattered past. His alcoholic dad destroyed their family, a weaknessRead More →

Russian Pride by Holly Bargo #BookHugs #hot #mafia #romance The fourth and final book in the Russian Love series. Discounted e-book launch price of $0.99 good thru October 15, 2017.     Tag – The marriage alliance between the Russians and Italians embroils both organizations in a deadly war with the Chinese Triad. Can love grow in such circumstances? Book Description A victim of domestic violence, Inessa recuperates in the home of mafia captain Giovanni Maglione. Her parents, Bratva chief Maksim Andrupov and his wife Olivia, learn that Inessa’s recently deceased husband double-crossed the Chinese Triad and they’re coming after her for reparation. Thinking toRead More →

      Blog Button Between Despair and Ecstasy by Daryl Devoré #BookHugs #hot #romance   The finale of Erika and Darien’s epic rollercoaster romance. Cover Tag – How can Erika prove to herself and Darien that she loves and trusts him? Simple. All she has to do is jump out of a plane.   Concerned for his fiancée, Erika Bailey’s safety, rock star Darien Scott races to Bangkok to protect her, only to discover his brother is missing. Fearing the worse, he contacts his nemesis, Gan, and makes a repulsive deal that will free his brother and protect Erika’s club, The Pink Flamingo. OrRead More →

Ghost #BookHugs #Tirgearrpublishing #RomanticSuspense Unholy Alliance and message about friendship @RowlandKathleen   Kathleen believes a friend is kind to another’s dreams.  Everyone struggles, and a friend who tries to understand is priceless.  When things go well, a friend shares the joy. Blurb, Unholy Alliance: The worst happened. Her cousin is still missing. Just released from jail for a murder she didn’t commit, thanks to attorney, Grady Fletcher. Tori has no clues. No destination. Just fear for the cousin she believes is held captive by an Irish mob boss, Seamus McGinn.  What if Tori were to park a food truck in the seedy waterfront neighborhood whereRead More →

Ghost #BookHugs from Romance Authors: Legacy of Evil: The Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2 by Sharon Buchbinder Release date: October 13, 2017 Keywords: Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, Psychics, Undercover Agents, Small Town, Native American Heroine, Biker Hero Blurb: When a wild mustang is shot in Montana, renowned horse whisperer and telepath, Emma Horserider, is called in to calm the herd and find out what happened. Once on scene she is almost killed by a bullet-spewing drone, and calls her black ops brother for back-up. Emma’s help roars into her life covered in tattoos and riding a Harley. Remote viewer Bronco Winchester takes the assignmentRead More →

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