I’m currently listening to Late Medieval to Early Renaissance on xm radio… and I’ve written 3500 words. Just how weird is that?? lolRead More →

As I sit here taking my dinner break from a possible WIP (shhh, don’t tell my characters they may actually be cooperating, they might take off for parts unknown again) and surrounded by a rather tall pile of books I figured its been awhile since I talked books. So what all have you read this month? I managed to make a fairly decent dent in my piles. Enough so that I need to rearrange the bookshelf again, and contemplate finding another spot to put some books. I have an old dresser type thing my dad made me as a kid that if I can getRead More →

My creativity at the moment is zapped, gone, gonzo, poof, vanished. I’m not sure if its the weather (gray and freezing); or I’m burnt out (possibly) or I’m just not working on the right idea (ditto) — or all three combined. But sitting in front of the comp with a blank word document is torture at the moment. Even worse when I’m using my binder and gel pens, when I start thinking to myself “I’m wasting this pretty purple metallic ink on this?” This is usually my scrawly signature and date in the corner of each page before I write. I’m considering taking the dayRead More →

I think it is now officially too cold. When your temperature needle refuses to move outside, I think that’s a hint its just not wise to go out. So I am staying indoors today where I’m semi warm and can look out at the cold air through very frosty windows while emailing partials out into cyber space. The one that requires me to go to the post office can wait till they won’t have to chisel the envelope out of my hands. *g* The DHL guy showed up around noon with a few review books. The first thing he did was apologize because the plasticRead More →

the letter…F – for FREEZINGand the numbers 4 and 6, as in feels like -46 C with the windchill (actual temp is in the delightful as always -30s) So as you can tell its beyond freezing here today and its likely to stay this cold for the next day or two. And to think I just bought my first pack of seeds on the weekend 🙂Read More →

Apparently people want to know how to make 20+ guys in hockey uniforms laugh. K and I have managed this not just once, but possibly 3x. The first one happened at a hockey game about six or seven years ago. K and I are big hockey fans and never miss watching the guys warm up. So we’re down in the club, getting our drinks and pizza when we hear the music start, which obviously means the hockey players are on in the ice. In a panic, we run up the nearest set of stairs, not caring at that moment, they’re a good three sections awayRead More →

Nell, http://nelldixonrw.blogspot.com/ tagged me with this the other day. RulesLink to the person that tagged youPost the rules on your blog Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website Six random things/quirks – hmm 1. The most googled part of my blog seems to be the topless picture of Sidney Crosby that I used as inspiration for JT. :o) 2. I’m not a good skater 3. If you play the six degrees of separation game, IRead More →

I’m still stunned about the death of Heath Ledger this afternoon. He’s one of my favorite actors. A Knight’s Tale is one of my all time favorite movies. I blared Golden Years when I finished STTA at 4 in the morning. My best friend gave me his poster for my office, its just waiting for a frame to hang in to go lean against the shelving and keep me company. So sad. My heart goes out to his little girl.Read More →

I didn’t realize how long its been since I wrote on the blog. Yikes! The last week has been pretty busy (or so I think). Tinkering with the blog layout taught me a lesson, I don’t think I’m webpage minded lol I lost links, I lost the statcounter code about 3x and I’m still not overly happy with the way the page looks at the moment. But its blue and its working and its probably going to stay that way for awhile. :o) Last week brought a pass on a manuscript, and then another request for the full. I’m taking another look at a fewRead More →

Its that time again, new idea time. When characters are nothing more than fuzzy images lurking around the corners of my mind, debating on whether or not to introduce themselves. At this point, most of my notes have my fill in the blank names. I’m partial to Rachel or Abby at this stage, until they finally push those names aside and the real one emerges. Only once in awhile do the characters come up and introduce themselves before I start writing. Chey was one, although she was without a last name till the second draft. Sabrina was Rachel until the end of the original chapterRead More →