Thanks to an email from Olga *waves* I think I’m switching gears. Instead of querying Sab to agents, I might reverse things and start sending it to editors. See if that gets any better results. I had what I thought was a good thing happen a few weeks back, an agent said the idea had merit but wasn’t for her so she’d forward it on, but I haven’t heard anything back. So see what I end up doing next month. And in a fun note, its only 2 days until the premiere of HOUSE OF CARTERS. Should be good. I’ve seen bits and pieces ofRead More →

No not back to school.Not Christmas.NHL preseason hockey, which means the real thing is JUST around the corner :o) *I’m humming the goal song as I type this*And even better, Dallas finally got their team pictures updated, so I present to you the only reason I watch DS hockey –on defense…#4 Janne!! So the guy gets a lot of bad press since he was dealt from the Oilers. The Isles didn’t like him (Uhm, yeah he’s an offensive defenseman, you wanted a defensive d-man and you played the trap and he’s a skater. No wonder he didn’t fit) So far I don’t see the BigRead More →

Means the new tv shows are starting. I’ve caught a few this week, even 2 I didn’t think I’d watch. Anyone see MEN IN TREES? I love it. Its about a relationship coach who ends up in Alaska in a town where the men out number the women 10-1. There she finds out over the phone her fiance is seeing another woman and decides to stay. There’s a lot of funny scenes and good dialogue. Hope it sticks around for awhile. Caught ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on Tuesday. Didn’t really want to watch it but I did. Like Joey (though the hairlessness is hard toRead More →

Of rambles. So BB7 – ALL STAR edition ended tonight. The final two were not who I would have picked, Janelle and Will deserved to be there, or even just one of them with Boogie, but Erica? Her biggest claim to fame this go around was talking Janelle into booting Will. (boo!! That’s when the show lost its entertainment factor) I taped it to watch later since I missed some of the first part of where the jury was talking to the two houseguests still in the house. Did love that it was 6-1 vote, strictly on game play you really did have to goRead More →

Question for the writers out there, when querying, do you compare your voice or your manuscript to another writer? I haven’t done that before, but some people (including a recent workshop) recommended doing that. Which is where my lack of broad reading comes in, because who the heck do I sound like lol So if you have an answer to any one of these, do post in the comments and let me know 🙂And thanks to all who voted at contest junkies. Both my entries are done now, so if you missed them, you can still go take a read of ‘Vegas Whisperer’ and ‘SomethingRead More →

Is what I did about half hour after I woke up this morning. I’ve been painting this week and went outside to see dad erected a plank along the kitchen baywindow for me to paint. Fun. *feel the sarcasm* 2 pieces of wood over a couple sawhorses do not make a scaffold in my mind. So there I was, whiteknuckling the edge of one window while painting the other. Don’t think I’ve ever painted so fast in my life. Then add in the fun moment when i realized I had to let go of the side to hit the top… *cringe* But since I’m writingRead More →

A friend of mine is asking for a little research help. What tools do you need as a writer? Like actual writing tools, pens, ect. So if you could make your own writer toolbox, what would it hold? And reminder as always, take a peek at if you haven’t yet and take a moment to vote. Hope everyone’s having a lovely long weekend!Read More →

over at Nell’s blog, celebrating the release of THINGS TO DO, a hilarious chick-lit. So swing by, she’s got cyber champagne and excerpts and I do believe I spotted a contest :o) Oh and don’t forget the new entries at have been posted, only a few more days to vote :0DRead More →

Its now 1:20 a.m. and I’m wide awake. Why? Because there’s a group of drunken people on the road behind the house having a good ol’ party time of screaming, hooting, hollering and making some dog around here go crazy. I wish to high heaven they’d move on down the street. Not that I’m tired perse, I just want peace and quiet in case I do try to fall asleep, not the partying sounds of a group of drunken jackasses. I now return you to your normal blog reading.Read More →