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I’m making notes on the alternate version of the first few chapters of VW. I’ll try and put them together later and see which ones I like best. Part of me is resisting the change (ala the huge struggle I had getting them to cooperate so far) and this way I change those first four chapters completely around. But I guess I have to ask myself which makes the story better right? And go with the gut. So you know what I’ll be doing tonight while watching RAW *g*

I’m trying to figure out my YA idea and find a way to plot. Most of the time I’m a pantster *listens to the fake gasps of shock* which seems to work most of the time. But this one…well like Sabrina did, it needs a little guidance, a little bit of a map to tell me where the heck it is they’re going. so if you know of any good sites, or blog entries, on plotting please let me know.

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  1. Thanks, Lis — you know what for 😉 Re: plotting, if you go to Fiona Harper’s blog (there’s a link on mine), she did a great post the other day summarizing GMC. It was so well-written and made the progression of scenes and chapters very clear. That could help with plotting?

  2. Welks :o) No problem!
    Thanks for the link, I followed the trail over. Copied and pasted, definitely help get to know the characters better, and that can’t hurt! *g*

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