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Bad bloggie I am, I haven’t replied to everyone below, but uh an issue has arose and I’m both clueless and severely nervous. When I try to open my WORD files from the laptop on the desktop, it says they’re corrupted. Every single one of them. EVERY single revamped chapter.

So basically, calm and rational me is asking WTH do I do????

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  1. Hmm, I’m not a computer expert, but…

    Are you transferring them from laptop to desktop on a disk or flash drive? Maybe the files didn’t copy completely and that’s why they won’t open?

    And a dumb suggestion, but, are you opening them using the same word-processing program?

    Just some ideas. Hope you get it sorted!

    Jess x

  2. I copied them over the wireless, but the comps were side by side. Could be that though, Norton’s been messing up the network since I upgraded to 2007.

    Yeah, both are using word 🙂 (though the one on the lap has the expired word trial and the one on the desktop is just the standalone word program. think that makes any difference?)

    Me too! Don’t want to sub the full and find out he can’t read it. Yikes.

  3. If the lap word prog was more advanced than the PC then that’s probably why it won’t work. I think it has to be like for like or the operating one ie the PC needs to have the upgrade.

  4. dwyThanks Julie! Me too. Now I’m worrying when I email the full to the agent if he’s going to have issues opening it.

    Good thinking Nell. I’ll check and see, I was fairly sure it’d probably be the same or at least approximately close versions. So then the trouble becomes if I reinstall the one on the desktop to the laptop, then it wouldnt open those files either? Eeks, another scary thought

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