Vacation what vacation?

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Well it took about a week from sending the book to the editor for the haze in my brain to clear enough that I feel human again. Still not sleeping though. Guess that’s a hangover of working through the night and sleeping in the day on the book.

In typical workaholic fashion, I haven’t taken a lot of time off. Already been trying to find a cover for one of my Christmas ideas. I saw one that I kind of liked, but the cover model had red hair and so far, my heroine isn’t a redhead. I did get one more cover ordered for Winning Bid, an old idea of mine that’s been sitting in the revise pile for quite awhile.

Other than that, almost done with the book trailer for DARK INTENT. Do you know how hard it is to find a photo of a back of a redheaded woman? Darn near impossible. I did find some nice shots of alleys though. Can’t find a decent dagger photo either. Still need to find one or two of those. Besides that, I did a rough mock up of the print cover for If Tomorrow Never Comes. Love the way it turned out. 🙂

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