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100 posts in only 6 months. Either I’m way too talkative or not talkative enough lol Either way, happy 100th to me!!

Since its a bit of a milestone on the ol’ blog, I was hoping to have something cool to say, some news one way or the other…something well special.

*scratches head*

Well, I’m over 20K on Trouble aka as Vin and Ava’s story as the little counter thing on the side says.

Still no word on the full, though I’m experiancing a new calm about anything and all things writing. Once I figure out paypal I’ll be signing up for Suzanne’s workshop next month (which I hope still has spaces left eeks!)

Got my new bookcase on the weekend. This thing is a monster! Its huge. Its 7 feet tall and doesn’t fit in my bedroom. Which we found out only AFTER assembling and putting it all together. And since we used wood glue you can’t exactly take it apart. So its now in the living room (which required a total move things around so it’ll fit) needless to say I didn’t go to bed till 5 am Sunday morning because of it. And still half the shelves are empty. Oh well, I’ve got more books coming in the mail that should help fill that puppy up.

So what’s new with you?

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