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I’ve been trying to do at least one of the things on my 13 goal list I posted yesterday. Spent awhile this afternoon looking at blogger templates, the free ones :o) Can’t afford a customized one at the moment and I think I found a couple I really liked. Tried to implement one and when I hit preview, it totally didn’t take, the writing was way off to the side and too hard to read to make it worth hitting save. The second one had this weird About Me repeated 3x on the left side and I couldn’t figure out how to edit it, so I reverted back to the old stand by for the moment.

I’ll keep trying this weekend, see if I can get something to take. Though most of them are formatted for ‘old blogger’ which means I’ll need to readd my links. So if you come by and there’s a new look and your link is no longer there, let me know and I’ll try to figure things out :o)

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