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Just hit the halfway point on Trouble. Will commence printing tonight or tomorrow and try to find my opening and layer it out. Its pretty rough in most parts, and probably’s gonna need another round of revisions before I start breaking it into chapters but at least I’ve got 30K behind me :o)

Before I started writing the shorter manuscripts, I never really realized just how hard they are!! Too fit an entire story in such a small space is good and daunting at the best of times. Making me nervous though to go back and tackle the 100 k ones again someday soon. *insert anxious look here*

In the fun news of the week, turns out my best friend suddenly decided to move East without telling me. Good thing I hadn’t mailed her birthday present yet. Anyways, turns out she’s gonna be darn close to my favorite NHL team’s training camp next week. Hope she goes! *and gives me a full report, but that goes without saying lol!*

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