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I have nothing really in mind for this post. So like Matt Hardy’s rambling myspace blog at times, I’m just going to go with whatever comes into my mind in whatever order it comes in lol

The third workshop I’m taking this month starts off tomorrow. I’m not sure taking three in a month was the wisest idea I’ve ever had, but I’m trying to keep up. Learned a few things so far and am anxiously waiting to learn/create my roadmap for revision in the one workshop. I’m very tempted to take my few favorite scenes from VW and cut the rest and just rewrite from scratch. Might be crazy, might be a blessing in disguise or might just be the dumbest idea *g*
I did learn how to create a zen list and am thinking of making one to help me write/finish the brava idea. Could work…

Did my best to put Cruel Summer in order Friday night and somehow managed to lose 232 words. Don’t know where they went. Thankfully I kept my rough draft that was totally out of order and spent two hours moving each scene to where I had it in the new draft. Don’t know which 232 words went missing, don’t really care that now that all are recovered :o) Just hope it doesn’t happen again any time soon.

I did find it funny when I looked at the coming soon page in the book Olga sent me *thanks Olga!* Cruel Summer was one of the titles lol Guess its a more popular title than I thought.

I’ve decided I don’t like cold weather in summer. Anything that’s cold enough for me to break out the fleece is unnatural and should be banished until December.

The weekend’s going slow but its finally warming up a little. Cut a bunch of cosmos yesterday for a vase in the house. Didn’t have to reseed them this year, they came up from last year when I couldn’t keep up with all the seeds. Actually looks really nice.

And finally, the book’s I want to read right now – the new Stephenie Meyer; You Had Me At Halo; Sex and the Psychic Witch – Annette Blair; Wednesday Night Witches (waiting for this one to arrive in the mail *g* I get to review it!)

Hope everyone’s having a nice and warm weekend :o)

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