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Talking to my best friend on msn right now, she’s an hour away from her last final of the semester. So good luck vibes and thoughts heading Kris’ way :o)

But she gave me this and we both laughed over my comment (it follows) – stress relief tips:

before i forget, i was given stress relief strategies from another student that may help. A) creating an original interpretive dance B) throwing colorful items at inanimate objects like textbooks C) repeatedly introducing your head to the surface of your desk or wall D) clutching your knees while rocking back and forth screaming, crying or swearing in a language only you can understand.

Kris favors the last 3. I however came up with something new…

Go with option one. Now instead of writing an actual query letter, send along a cover letter:
Dear agent,
enclosed is a video taped interpretive dance representing what I feel is the theme of Sabrina’s story

*big grin*

Not that I’d ever do it of course, but good fun on messenger!

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